In Regards to the Community: LightWalkers are awakened, spiritual Beings and Magical creatures who are pure of heart and walk in Truth.

In Regards to a specific individual … you know who you are… read more below:



I, like many others, know that you are not simply a human, but spirit first and foremost. And because of this, every individual on this earth possess the abilities of the supernatural as well as the tools needed to survive on this earth. According to Sorcha, in its simplest form, the term LightWalker means: Those who walk like Jesus. LightWalkers are individuals who harbor the light or ‘embody Christ consciousness’ and therefore live in a way that is both true to themselves and that serves for the greater good of our world.

 A LightWalker not only accepts who they are in purest form, but know their purpose for being here. They are usually of spiritual nature, guiding and serving in some way. A LightWalker understands, to a great degree, how our world works and the LAW OF SOURCE (GOD).

LightWalkers are higher beings, often referred to as angels and/or other entities of equal or higher order and recognize themselves as such once awakened. Because they have walked this earth many times before, they have evolved to a spiritual level that few can attain in the same period of time. They can relate to many different beliefs and character roles because chances are, given their past lives history; there is little that they have not been through, seen or done before. Not all LightWalkers share the same background and although they have the same ultimate purpose, the path to such purpose differs. Although they possess the ability of the oracle LightWalkers may not openly display such gifts and if they do, only to a select few. Although they are not magicians, they are capable of many extraordinary feats, which may lie dormant until fully awakened.

LightWalkers are not capable of conforming to one set religion, and, in fact, are not religious at all. They are knowledgeable beyond their human years so may come off to others as Spiritualists, Buddhists and other ‘light and love’ types. LightWalkers answer to but one, and that is Creator/Source/God. However, while on earth, earth rules apply of course. They live normally and believe themselves to be such until it is their time to manifest destiny.

Awakening a Chosen One (LightWalker) literally involves a higher being- sometimes ascended masters-from the higher realm stepping into the world of said chosen one and breaking the illusion (or reality according to whom you speak. Some would say that this world is an illusion and to this I refer) in an effort to make them remember who they are. One cannot know their mission or fulfill it without knowing their truth. Illusions are important to the structure of humankind and this planet so if one is broken know that it is for GREAT, life and world altering reasons. A great change is coming. The end of one lifetime and the beginning of another. It is then that the term “carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders” become real in every sense of the word as their obligation to not only the masses, but also the world begins.

LightWalkers are messengers and are natural communicators whether it be through song, television, written word or other creative outlets. Usually, because earthly pleasures are of no use to them due to the level of ascension they have attained, they will not be materially rich and any riches they acquire they will not keep. Yet they will have everything they could ever need-because of how much they have done for the world in past life and present. And because of how much they have given of themselves (LightWalkers have suffered at one time or another for the people), what little that they actually want, they shall have.

Before a LightWalker will recognize him or herself as such, the people will recognize them first.



Every person, child, animal, insect in this world serves a purpose and therefore is important. LightWalkers are different in that there are no more lessons for them, no more suffering and it is their last lifetime here on earth. They have ascended and now only the message is important.

Being a LightWalker may sound like something beautiful, but the path of such is not for the faint of heart.  It is much like every good drama filled supernatural show, except it is happening to you and much bigger than you could have ever imagined. No matter how exciting it sounds, the reason why every one does not experience it is because only those who are truly ready can withstand such knowledge and ‘power.’

If you are a LightWalker, somehow you will always know this. But you may not accept it because you do not remember enough to fully understand. You will have supernatural abilities, but they may be buried under all that humanity. You will know how special you are without living it out, yet. You will know that you can do anything, without knowing just how true that is. You will live a normal life. However, it will be filled with many abnormal occurrences. Most LightWalkers live a solitary life even if they have families. They feel different, and it gives a sense of loneliness, this is because they are a bit different. If around other gifted individuals, your power will be felt. And you may deny that you are the source as to which they claim you to be. If around the average person, the energy that person feels with you cannot be put into words. It is often referred to as a light and this light draws them near.

The signs of a LightWalker, as listed above, could be any gifted individual however it goes much deeper and way more personal than what can be written on this page. When it all comes down to it, a LightWalker knows him or herself, but it is the people who will recognize them first.

Written by Aloriah ‘Llady Sorcha’

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